…to know and manage what is written in your photos

Icon-60PhotInfo is a simple to use app to control all the information (location,
date, dimensions, camera, etc.) contained in your photos.

Why PhotInfo

Digital cameras (including those in mobile devices) add some metadata to the images. These data are called Exif (Exchangeable image file format) tags. They provide an opportunity to learn not only the exact date and time of capture, but also parameters such as exposure time, shutter speed, image resolution, device model, ISO, focal length, aperture, whether the flash was used, and others.

With PhotInfo you can see all the photo library on your iPhone or iPad and, by selecting any image, you can view all of its metadata, delete these metadata or modify some tags.


Reading tags

If you took a few shots in the same place, but some of them have turned out a failure, you can quickly determine where was the mistake by comparing the Exif tags of the two photos. Moreover you may learn about other people’s successful photo: find out what settings are the best to use in the shooting of some scenes.

Moreover, with the PhotInfo’s Extension it is possible to view the main tags directly from other apps, like the native Photos app.

Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40Changing tags

You may delete/modify the image tags to protect your privacy before sharing the image; or you may add GPS data if you have forgotten to turn on location services when you took the picture; or you may joke by setting improbable location values; or…



With PhotInfo you can:

  • display an image with the main tags in a single view
  • view all the Exif tags from the image
  • copy the key data or the content of individual tags
  • (with a very simple interface) create a copy of the image eliminating or modifying tags for:
    • the place (you can take it from another picture)
    • the date and time when the photo was taken (you can take it from another picture)
    • the orientation
    • the author (the artist)
    • the copyright
    • the image description
  • create a copy of the image with the minimum content of the tags (related to image data structure, such as the image size, resolution and orientation)
  • see where the photo was taken, in different ways:
    • visualize the city name
    • locate in a map
    • find the coordinates
    • show the address
  • favorite, hide or delete a photo
  • share pictures on facebook, twitter, flickr, by Message or by email
  • quickly scroll through the albums of your iOS device
  • support for burst photos

When you share one of your images, the default message contains the location (if the information is available) and the date when the photo was taken (or the image has been saved).

PhotInfo shows every picture in different ways:

  • Details: a little image with the main information (date, place, camera, etc.)
  • Tags: all the exif tags
  • Image: a big image with zoom and pan
  • Map: (when the image contains location tags) a map of the place where the photo was taken; it may be a simple, satellite or hybrid map.

In Details or Image view, it is possible to scroll the images swiping a finger.

From Map view you can reach another view that shows:

  • the coordinates
  • (if internet is available) the corresponding address
  • a button to open the Maps app with the coordinates of the picture

User can set the order of the images in the album, so that the most recent photos are the first or the last ones. The pictures in the album are displayed in a list (one per line) or in a grid (4 per line) depending on your preference.

PhotInfo app is in costant development, so new features will be added soon (like the ability to change/add/remove other tags). Download now and stay tuned!

Requirements: iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


6 thoughts on “PhotInfo

  1. How to enter localization data ? I bought it for this unique reason and I cannot found how to do it…

    1. Hi. The simplest way is the one showed in the promo video on the App Store (or in this oldest one): click on the Edit button and then on the row under the one with “No location tag”; in the next view choose “From a photo” and then a photo to take its localization. As an alternative, search an address and then select the row with the found result to insert it.
      PhotInfo will create a copy of the photo with the information in the Camera Roll and in a Folder named PhotInfo (this is a default option in Settings). The app is able to display and add data, while the Extension is only able to show them.
      If you have any other questions, please send me an email.

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