PhotInfo 5.11.0

A new version of  PhotInfo is available on the App Store.

What’s new:
• now it’s possible to hide/unhide photos from within PhotInfo
• minor improvements to the map in location changing: full window on iPad (this was a bug) and satellite and hybrid view
• improved memory management
• bugs fixed


PhotInfo 5.10.0

There is now a toolbar with 3 buttons in the Details view:
• the share button: (before it was on the top) to share your photos with a message with location and date
• the favorite button: (NEW) to make a photo a favorite one
• the delete button: (NEW) to delete a photo

Minor UI changes:
• no more vertical space on the top and at the bottom of photos in Details view
• in Image View use one tap to hide/show the navigation bar and the bottom bar

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thank you.

PhotInfo 5.01.0

A new version of  PhotInfo is available on the App Store with an improved changing location view; now it is possible to choose a location from:
• a map (search inserting an address or long press to have a pin, then drag&drop the pin)
• the most recent used locations
• the current photo location
• the actual location is now in a different section


PhotInfo 5.00.1

After the .00.0 release a bug fixing one:

  • there were several bugs related to systems using the 12 hours format (sometimes not correctly changing hours, sometimes not opening Extension and not always displaying date and time);
  • the Extension in landascape mode was hiding the Done button on 3.5″ and 4″ devices (iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S): now the UI changes from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa;
  • some other little bugs fixed and speed improvement.

PhotInfo redux – beta testers wanted

A major rewriting of PhotInfo is undergoing.

The main goal of the changes is to support iCloud Photo Library.

If you are currently using iCloud Photo Library only the photos in your device are available to PhotInfo.

The test of the rewritten version has begun with the help of useful beta testers, which I wish to thank. If you would like to help PhotInfo app to improve and if you would like to help testing iCloud Photo Library, send me an email to become a beta tester.