PhotInfo 5.15.6

A new PhotInfo version was released (in fact, a week ago).

Because of some issues saving images using the new HEIF format, this version save every modified images in JPEG format.


PhotInfo 5.15.5

In this update there is a completely rewritten Info View.

PhotInfo 5.15.0

A new version of PhotInfo with support for burst photos:
• it is now possible to see all the photos contained in a burst of images
• a full/empty star indicates whether the image is the representative photo of a burst sequence
• it is possible to create a new photo (with different metadata) from one in burst images


• the apps is now a little bit faster
• new icon (again, I hope you’ll enjoy it)

PhotInfo 5.14.7

This version of PhotInfo implements some changes requested by users:

  • The default images’ order becomes “Most recent first” for the new users (for the previous users it remains the order they are used to – it is always possible to change the order in Settings).
  • It is now possible to choose between 3 icons (this feature requires iOS 10.3 or later): go to Settings (using the button with a “gear” icon) to select your preferred icon (some users prefer the previous one).